Our Services


Alongside your future research & career plan, we will review your academic, professional and financial circumstances. We will assist you in selecting right course, place of study & all other relevant issues according to your needs.You will get proper guidance from us which will fully comply with the update of student visa requirements.


You will get complete assistance from us in completing / submitting your admission application. We will also provide you with a list of supporting documentation that are available.

When your application is approved, we will communicate with the university / college about your application and receive your Offer Letter.

During the time to apply student Visa with Offer Letter along with other necessary documents, you will need to pay a portion of tuition fees through bank wire transfer to the university/college authorized bank account to get visa stamped on your passport. We will assist you in making such deposit. When you pay bank draft deposit in foreign currency taken in favor of the university / college, we will keep this with us until your application for a visa is determined.

Following receipt of your “deposit,” we will receive your “Unconditional Acceptance Letter” from the University / College for Visa purposes. The letter will be required as part of your student visa application.

We will assist you in sending the full deposit to the university/college once you have obtained your visa. If your visa application is denied, your tuition fees will be refunded according to the university’s or college’s policy.


We will inform you of the necessary visa requirements, how to complete the visa application form, what documentation you will need to submit with your application, how to apply, and any other pertinent issues.

We will make sure that your visa application is submitted in good condition and have good chances for Visa.


You will give you a pre-departure briefing so that you can organize everything as necessary.

You may want our support in coordinating your lodging, transport plans, pick-up at the airport. If you want, we’ll assist you in these matters.

We build long-term partnerships with our students and still stretch our hands when you need us to offer more assistance.